What Do You Know About Eco-Friendly Cat Options? Take The Quiz!

To celebrate Earth Day, Catster is throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to test your eco-friendly cat savviness. Take the quiz to test your knowledge about all things green for cats. Consider this a five-minute contribution to the planet, because as you take the quiz, you’ll learn what you can do to green your cat’s lifestyle.




8 Fortune Cookies For Cats

Granted, cats do seem to have luck on their side.  They didn’t get the whole “cats have nine lives” label for no reason.

But suppose cats wanted a little more insight into their futures.  After some good shrimp chow mien (minus the chow mien), cats should have the same end of meal topper that comes with any good, Chinese takeout meal – a fortune cookie!

fortune cookie-bug-cats


Let Your Freak Cat Flag Fly!

If You Hate Hearing About My Cats, We Probably Can’t Be Friends by Catherine Holm/Catster – This is such a funny, too true article about when, where & with whom it’s best (or not) to share you’re cute cat stories. Or any cat story – depending on the person you’re sharing (or trying) the story.

I’ve always been a “cat person”.  Not to say I don’t love all animals, but I have had at least one cat in my life – on some level- since I can remember.   My family always had cats when I was a kid.

Specifically, Siamese cats.  And the stories I could tell about Poco (the matriarch – who lived with us for the first 17 years of my life), Freedom Fighter – “Free” for short (My older sister named him – it was the 70’s…And the name did fit – he was a lover not a fighter), Chaos (cross-eyed w/ a kinked tail…And a few marbles short of a full load – but such a sweetie!).

Those were the first of many cats that came into my life along the way.  I’ve had as many as 5 cats in my household – that was a little crazy cat ladyish (not entirely – I had 2 dogs too!), but…All of them came into my life for a reason and with their own unique personalities & beauty.

Now I have my Lilly Fae – my barn kitteh.

IMG_1442 IMG_1484 IMG_1488

She was a tiny little ball of fur when I first laid eyes on her.

I had tried my best to avoid kitties for a couple of years after I lost my last 2 about a year apart.  They had been a part of my life for 13 & 16 years.  Jasmine, a kitten my boyfriend at the time gave me while I was still in college & Pywackette, acquired a couple of years later by same said boyfriend.

Turns out, they were half-sisters several litters apart.  And disliked but tolerated each other like most sisters do on some level.

After Py & Jasmine passed, I couldn’t bring myself to consider letting another cat in my life.  I knew I would at some point because it always happens that way.  They pick YOU.  But I  felt like it would be a betrayal.  And I was completely heart-broken without them.  They had been such a part of my life for so long.  They traveled 1,200+ miles across the country with me into strange new territory (NY).

They accepted (mostly) a baby human into “their” home a few years later.

Pywackette & Baby Human

We moved again…Just so many life experiences they were a part of & always will be.

Then, a random trip to my favorite gift shop at the Rez brought me face to face with what I had been avoiding at all costs for the last couple of years.  Not just a cat, but a teeny, tiny little fuzzball – her eyes just opened.  The woman at the counter holding her telling me she was born on her farm – outside – where she would have to live if she couldn’t find her a home.

You can guess what came out of her mouth next…Yep.  “Want to hold her”??


I tried to resist.  I knew if I held her I wouldn’t let her go.  But I knew I couldn’t live with myself either thinking about this little baby growing up (briefly most likely) living outside in the cold & fending for herself.

You guessed it – I held her as I walked around the store.  Becoming more & more resolved that we were meant to be.

And damn the consequences – our chocolate lab, Maggie Mae would NOT be thrilled (or so I thought).


The lady gave me a box to take her home.  However, she was not a happy camper in the box sitting on my front seat as I drove down the highway.  I pulled off, took her out & nestled her into my fleece coat – which I knew I should’ve done in the first place.  She curled up inside my coat & fell asleep.

Her name popped into my head about halfway home – Lilly…Lilly Fae!


As it turned out, Maggie Mae – became Lilly’s doggie mom.  She slept in Maggie’s bed (still does sometimes!).


Maggie was so gentle & let her bite, smack, claw her ears, nose, tail – whatever moved!

They bonded. They love each other.  We are a family.


Almost 5 years later, they still love to play chase or hide-n-seek.  Lilly thinks if Maggie can pee in the snow & eat giant doggie kibbles , so can she.

Her “barn kitteh”/feral side will always be part of her personality.  Snow, water, rain – doesn’t phase her (unless there’s just a little TOO much of it).

She’s a hunter.  I’ve lost count how many mice, moles, locust, birds, squirrels who knows what else she’s killed.  I managed to rescue a few birds just this side of death, but the mice/moles/locusts – good riddance!  I’m all about keeping the natural balance in order.

lillys prize

Great information! It’s so important to know the difference between the facts & misconceptions about cats. Especially if you have a cat or you are considering bringing one into your life. The mysterious nature of cats can be appealing but at the same time, they continue to be misunderstood by many. Cats don’t have superpowers! As much as I’d like to think mine does (of course, SHE believes she does)!

Kitty Bloger

10 myths about cats

A lot of ancient “wisdom” about felines isn’t so wise after all. Some of it is just plain silly – and some is downright dangerous.

The following are ten urban legends about our kitty companions that deserve debunking:

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