Kittens So Cute They Stopped The Trains in NYC Subway

SubwayKittensKittens at the Church Avenue subway station in Brooklyn via Marc A. Hermann

These two cuties stopped a lot of trains after being found in a Brooklyn subway station and rescued.

In Brooklyn, New York, yesterday two little lost kittens caused the subway system to come to a halt for nearly two hours after they were found on the tracks by Transit Authority workers.

At the Church Avenue station, commuters were kept waiting while the police and transit workers put a rescue mission into place.

The pair of kittens, named August and Arthur by Metropolitan Transit Authority workers, were first spotted at around 11 a.m.  The initial plan to scoop up the black and tabby kitties failed because, according to an M.T.A. spokesperson, the kittens were too fast and kept dodging the M.T.A. workers on the tracks! (Power to the tracks was shut off.)


NYSubwayKittensA frantic game of chase ensued! Via Marc A. Hermann

Subway cars on the B and Q lines finally resumed but were told to travel through the station at a slow and cautious speed. At one point, August and Arthur were spotted napping by the usually deadly third rail, oblivious to their dangerous surroundings.

The New York Police Department came on the scene and this time, two cops managed to grab the kittens after a panicky game of chase. They were taken to the nearby Brooklyn Animal Care Shelter for a thorough medical check-up. Assuming they pass their physicals, August and Arthur will be put up for adoption soon!


The New York City subway kittens have become overnight Internet sensations. One meme speculates that they avoided paying their fare by hopping a barrier. That means August and Arthur could be liable for fines up to $100 each.

But who could fine these two cuties?


Scarlet (AKA Paris) The Brave Little Hero!

One of our volunteers, Kim D.,  – who had adopted Scarlet (AKA Paris) only a month or two before the following incident, shared this incredible story with me a while back.  It is an amazing example of what a close bond Scarlet had already formed in a few short months with her brother Oliver!

Several months ago, Kim’s cat Oliver – a very sweet, lovey boy, had been viciously attacked by a neighborhood cat IN HIS OWN BACKYARD.

When Oliver was being attacked, Scarlet ran to help her brother.  She put herself between the attacking cat and Oliver and growled at the other cat.  Although she’s only about 8 pounds and was probably about half the size of the other cat, she tried to defend Oliver to the extent of putting herself in danger.  She was trying to give Oliver the chance to get away and back to safety.  Scarlet knew her brother was in trouble and reacted in the best way she knew how – positioning herself between the attacker and Oliver.  Growling and distracting the attacking cat so Oliver could get away.

Unfortunately, Oliver required extensive emergency surgery to remove a tennis ball size of necrotic flesh & treatment for the infection that was running through his system.  He had been bitten so badly & the punctures so deep that infection set in before they even realized he had the injury.

Oliver After Surgery

While Oliver recovered, Scarlet stayed right by his side.  Kim said when he first came home after his surgery, Scarlet would only leave him long enough to quickly get a bite to eat or use the litter box!  Then she would come right back to him and stayed by his side.

Scarlet put herself between an attacking cat & her new brother Oliver!

Scarlet put herself between an attacking cat & her new brother Oliver!

Scarlet stayed close to Oliver while he recovered.

Scarlet stayed close to Oliver while he recovered.

Oliver & Scarlet

Oliver & Scarlet

This is an amazing example of what a close bond Scarlet had already formed in a few short months with her brother Oliver!  Not to mention, a very brave and heroic act of loyalty and protection.  What an incredibly courageous little girl!

None of us will ever know what she had been through before coming to Ten Lives.  But it’s clear she’s put all of that behind her and is extremely protective of her new family – especially her new brother Oliver!

Scarlet is a real hero and truly one very amazing kitty!  She’s found her furever home and she has no intention of letting anything come between her and her new family.  Scarlet is a shining example that cats can and DO show loyalty, devotion and protection over those that they love.

Updates & Pictures of TLC/PSP E. Amherst Adopted Kitties!

We always want to follow up and hear how all of our adopted kitties are doing in their new furever homes.

Here are some pictures sent to us from some of our proud pur-parents!

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Check Out Our Kitties Available For Adoption!

We currently have a ROOMFUL of kittens!  Jasper, LOVES playing with all the kittens since he’s basically a kitten himself.  Leo, not so much.  But that’s another story!

We have SIX kittens available right now – all are 3 to 4 months old and have had all of their vaccinations, spayed/neutered, treated for worms/fleas, etc & tested for FIV & FeLeuk.  They are full of energy, playful and waiting for their forever homes!

We also have 3 adult kitties – Jasper, Leo & Janine.

Jasper is a seasoned, veteran cat room kitty.  He has been with us since the beginning of April 2013 – still waiting patiently for the right purr-son to take him home.  He is almost 2 years old and a beautiful, black domestic long haired boy.   He has filled out so much since coming to our location – his fur is like velvet and so glossy! He has tips of gray/white all around his mane & little tuffs of gray/white between his toes!  When he looks at you with his big, beautiful green eyes, it’s like he’s looking right down into your very soul.  He knows who he is meant to be with and he’ll wait as long as it takes for them to walk through our doors to find him.

Jasper is full of energy, curiosity and adventure.  He absolutely adores the kittens and has so much fun playing with all of them!  He needs to be adopted with a kitten, ideally, so they would both have each other to play with and keep each other company.  He’s not particularly fond of very small children, but who is?  They are noisy, smelly, gibbering, loud little hairless humans.  However, he is patient with the children who come to visit him and when he is gracing his presence at one of our adoption events.

Personally, I think (know) he would prefer to be in a household with older children and one that doesn’t already have other cats.  He needs to be “King Cat” of the house just like he is “King Cat” of the cat room at Pet Supplies “Plus”!  Jasper would have no problem at all in household with a lot of activity and people coming and going all the time.  He LIVES for adventure and fun! The more the merrier!

If he were a human, (although that would be SO beneath him), he would have his own late night talk show and put Jay Leno to shame.  Within a year, he’d OWN Hollywood and every celebrity would be standing in line just to kiss his $5,000 Gucci loafers.  He’s a big beautiful boy with an even bigger personality!

If you are privileged enough to be chosen by Jasper, he will grace you with joy, love and amazing companionship. He is truly a very special boy!

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Leo is a big, beautiful brown tabby who is 2 years old.  His owner surrendered him to our main shelter claiming someone in their household had “developed allergies”.  Right…That’s just a convenient excuse for abandoning him because they didn’t want a cat anymore.

People never cease to amaze me in their complete disregard for life.  How can you have a cat (or any pet) in your household for years and suddenly just throw them out like a piece of trash?  Anyone who can do something like that do not deserve the privilege of EVER owning an animal again.  EVER…If I had my way, they would also serve a good amount of time behind bars and fined until they had nothing left to go home to.  No home at all – just like they treated their pet.  Maybe that would give them some idea what it’s like to be alone, abandoned and homeless.  OK – I’ve vented enough for now on that subject.  That’s fuel for a future post…

Leo is a very loving boy but he’s shy and still quite traumatized from being put in such a situation.  He’s understandably scared, confused and trying to figure out how on earth he ended up in this strange place with so much noise, all of these people and other cats.  He needs a lot of love in a quiet household. preferably with no children (because they are NOISY little beasts) and no other cats.

Leo’s previous “owner” apparently fed him mostly table scraps.  He refuses to eat dry cat food of any kind to the point of just not eating at all.  He is so thin right now but we are feeding him canned food exclusively 3 times a day and he licks the bowl clean!  Once he gains weight, he will be a big boy!  Leo has a large head and paws that he’ll grow into with the proper diet and loving care.   He will give the right person/family all of his love and companionship!

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Janine is a beautiful short haired Calico kitty who is absolutely a DOLL!  She loves being held and sitting in your lap.  She’s a very sweet, gentle girl who has so much love to give!   At one of our recent adoption events, the Beechwood Car Cruise, she was our biggest ambassador of love!  She spent almost the entire time sitting in Beechwood residents laps and being petted.  Everyone ADORED her!  Beechwood’s Director of Marketing & Events was so impressed with our kitties, we were invited back 2 weeks later for another event at their location – Beechwood’s “Fair Day”.

But, back to Janine!  She’s currently being fostered by one of our volunteers – Anna, because she came down with a little “cat cold”.  But she’ll be ready to come back to our store very soon!

Janine is so sweet, loving and patient she would make the perfect therapy kitty.  Talks are in the works with the Beechwood Nursing Facility to add her to their group of resident therapy pets.  But she may find her forever home before that happens!  Either way, Janine will add a whole lot of love and companionship to anyone’s home who is lucky enough to adopt her!

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Limo is a beautiful gray, short haired domestic little boy who is 4 months old.  He’s full of energy and always ready to play!  He’s a lively, spunky little guy but he doesn’t mind being held either.  Which is pretty uncommon for most kittens his age!  Limo and Jasper play chase, hide and seek, wrestle each other and basically have a ball every chance they get!

Limo also attended our most recent adoption event and put on a great show! He also spread his kitten love all around.

Limo gets along very well with all the other kitties and kittens.  He’s good with children of any age and would make an adorable, loving addition to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him!

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Here’s Harley!  He’s a sweet, fun-loving little boy who is 3 months old.  He’s a gorgeous long-haired brown tabby that I believe will grow up to be a pretty big boy!  His head shape makes me think he may have a little Main Coon or Norwegian Forest mixed in with the tabby.  But that’s anyone’s guess!

Harley was a big hit at our most recent adoption event at Beechwood.  He spent almost the entire time making the rounds with the Beechwood residents, staff members and visitors.  He happily sat in many laps to spread some love and work his kitten magic on everyone who held him. Talk about a sweet lovey guy!!  He is really going to make whoever is lucky enough to adopt him a very loving companion!

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Blaze is an adorable little orange and white tabby kitten who is 4 months old & FULL of energy!

When I first brought Blaze to our cat room from the Kitten Shower event at the Eastern Hills Mall a couple of weeks ago, he was NOT a happy camper.  Even the volunteer working the event called him a little “psycho”.  He hissed at all the other kittens who tried to play with him – although he played very well by himself.  He even had the nerve to hiss at JASPER!  But he’d had a very long day at the event and was just upset and tired.  The very next day he was running & playing with all the other kittens and Jasper having a ball!

Blaze is a friendly, fun-loving little guy who’s had many admirers already!  Better stop in to Pet Supplies “Plus” E. Amherst SOON before he finds his furever home!  He’ll make a wonderful addition to any household and has lots of love to give!

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Two of our other kittens, Turbo & Danika are being fostered by Anna currently,  They came down with “kitty colds” but are getting very good care and will be back at our store very soon!

Turbo is a black, long haired domestic who is so sweet and laid back!  He’s 3 months old &he loves to play!  He’s Jasper’s “mini-me”!    Turbo has big, beautiful green/gold eyes & is absolutely adorable!

Danika is a beautiful “tuxedo” black & white 3 month old little girl.   She loves to play and is very sweet!

I don’t have very many pictures of Ruger just yet.  It’s a kitten circus when all of them are out playing, so a little hard to get them all to slow down long enough for pictures!

Ruger has very unique markings/coloring.  His black coat is tipped with white and he has adorable little white paw feet.  He is 3 months old.  He loves to climb into the file cube, jump into the trash can and basically has to investigate anything that catches his eye!  He’s a sweetie and will find his forever home very soon!

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Stop in & visit the cat room at Pet Supplies “Plus” E. Amherst on Transit!  You’ll fall in love with ALL of these kitties!

We are continuing to offer special adoption rates on our kitties through the end of August. 

Adult cats 1+ can be adopted for only $20 (Reg. fee is $75) and kittens 3 to 9 months old are only $50 (Reg. fee is $100).

WE ALSO OFFER A FREE VET VISIT certificate to use within 10 days of adoption to any of our affiliated vets!  ($40 VALUE)!

For more information about adopting any of our cats or kittens, please contact Valerie at!


Leo had to come back to us – he was not in the right situation.  The family tried so hard to love him & bring him out of his shell, but it just wasn’t working.  Better sooner than later.  Now I know where he would be best suited.

But, they adopted SHAKIRA this morning to be a playmate for Merlin.  It will be a perfect situation for all!!


Shakira - Adoption Day! IMG_2011



Beechwood “Fair Day” Adoption Event! 8/7/13

Shakira & Harley were spreading the love to the Beechwood residents, staff & family members!  Limo & Jasper too, but they had all had a rough morning due to the cat room getting flooded & having only a short time out to play before the big event which we attended from 12 to 3pm.

Special thanks to TLC/PSP E. Amherst volunteers DAYNA & HER DAUGHTER KATIE and LAURA & HER DAUGHTERS ANNA & EMILY!  They were all handling the kitties & making sure everyone who wanted to pet or hold them had their turn.  As well as being well informed about each cat, our organization and being true ambassadors for our kitties & Ten Lives Club!!  Very well done Ladies!!

Dayna & Katie transported the kitties to/from the event along with supplies, PR materials and all other items needed from the store for the event!  Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and help!

All of the girls helped to get the cages stocked with litter boxes, food/water & bedding – what a time saver!  They also helped empty & break down the cages & haul supplies back to the vehicles.  WOW!  Thanks so much for your help & dedication to the kitties!

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