Miss Chevon Found Her Forever Home~!

Chevon is a 7 year old, very overweight girl who came to us way back at the end of March.  She was not happy, did NOT get along with any of the other kitties & rarely left her cage when volunteers came in to care for the kitties.  She would growl & grumble at the other kitties & volunteers.  We were all getting concerned that she would have a very hard time finding her forever home.  Not only was she an older kitty, but she was very overweight & her attitude was not exactly friendly.   None of which made her a prime candidate for adoption.

After a couple of months, she finally began to come out of her cage more & more.  She quit growling at the other kitties (except for Benji, but that’s another post).  When we got some kittens in for an adoption event in June, those that weren’t adopted over the weekend stayed with us. She began to watch them play from a perch on the cat tree.  Then, miracle of miracles – she began interacting with them! 

The Wednesday morning volunteer – Sheri – called me one day to tell me she watched Freckles (a 5 month old kitten) go into her cage & start eating her food (none of us can figure out why, but all the kitties try to eat her diet food – really?).  Sheri held her breath waiting for Chevon to flip out & chase him out of her cage.  But she didn’t.  She licked him on top of his head instead! 

It was truly a turning point for Chevon.  Every time, almost, a volunteer came in to let the kitties out to play, Chevon would join them.  We all were so happy & relieved to see her finally become the sweet kitty we knew she could be.  She would sit on the second shelf of the cat tree (amazing she could jump that far!) & watch the kittens play.  Sometimes, she would play with them or by herself – which she had never done before.  She began letting some of the volunteers brush her & clean her in places she couldn’t reach because of her size.

Chevon has finally found her forever home with one of our sweet volunteers – Mindy! YAY! 

Mindy took her home Friday evening to be a companion to Lily, who she adopted from TLC at our location about 5-6 months ago.  Mindy’s family recently lost their 15 yr. old FIV+ kitty & now Lily ( AKA Precious) is all alone.  She sent pictures of “The Queen” – LOL~!


Enjoy your new forever home sweet chubby girl!


This Black & White Beauty is CHEVON!

Chevon - 7 Yr. Old Female

Chevon – 7 Yr. Old Female

Chevon is another poor baby who was surrendered by her previous owner after living in the only home she had ever known for almost 7 yrs.  😦  She needs a Purr-Parent who can be her personal “red dot” trainer so she can shed a few unhealthy pounds!  Chevon is a quiet, sweet girl who has just gotten too used to laying around & sleeping all day.  Any girl will put on the pounds that way!

Chevon would be a good fit for any household.  Maybe one with a kitten or younger kitty that will keep her busy!

All Cats and kittens adopted from Ten Lives Club receive:

  • Physical exam by our shelter vet (30-day health guarantee)
  • Spay/neutering
  • Feline Leukemia and FIV testing
  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Ear Mite treatment
  • First distemper and rabies vaccinations (kittens if old enough)
  • Medical Background Sheet listing all treatments/vaccines/health evaluation by our shelter vet
  • Free Veterinarian Visit Certificate to any affiliated Veterinarian in the Buffalo, New York area ($40 Value!)

Stop in & visit Chevon at Pet Supplies “Plus” in East Amherst!
We are located at 9630 Transit Road, E. Amherst, NY

For more information about adopting a kitty from Ten Lives Club, visit our Adopt A Kitty page.

To set up a Meet & Greet with Chevon, submit the form below.   You will be contacted right away to schedule a day & time to visit Chevon outside of her cage in our enclosed cat room!

Riddick’s Forever Home?

Riddick went home with his new Purr-parents last Sunday.  Such a sweet couple!  They have an only kitty named Clarence & he’s about 4 yrs. old.  He’s a tabby mix & seems to want a playmate.  They dog-sit a golden retriever pretty regularly & he’s always trying to get him to play.  The golden wants nothing to do with him.  So they decided maybe another cat or kitten would be just the thing for Clarence.

Tish called me today to let me know that Riddick’s cough seems to be more than a hairball issue.  Possibly a URI or something along those lines.  I’ve sent an e-mail to the shelter manager & the vet to schedule a time for her to bring him in for an exam & treatment.  Other than that, he is doing great!  Just coughing a few times a day.

Tish & Donny are completely in love with Riddick, who’s new name is “Franklin”.  He is all over the place – helping to make sandwiches, digging in the trashcan for goodies, laying on their feet, following them all over the house & all the things that kittens do!  He is loving his new home!  However, Clarence isn’t taking the new addition well at all.

Riddick/Franklin is kept in a separate room unless Clarence is relegated to another part of the house, as is necessary when introducing a new kitty to a household.  But Clarence has been growling & acting aggressively when he senses Franklin.

They are heartbroken.  But still hoping that with a little more time, Clarence will come around. They are so in love with Franklin!!

Tish asked me how I knew I had an “only kitty”.  She had mentioned to me before that she was afraid Clarence might need to be the only cat in their household. I told her it was a combination of knowing Lilly’s personality (she was a barn kitty rescue at 6 weeks & partly feral) & observing her reaction to other cats/dogs.  My Lilly Fae is without a doubt  an “only kitty”.  I know her all too well and have seen first-hand how she reacts to strange cats or dogs who roam into our yard.  She bristles up & growls like a mountain lion.

For example, one time, when Lilly was on our deck & another cat was down in the yard,  I was trying to get her back inside & she literally attacked me – she leaped onto my leg –  claws digging in, like I was the trespasser.  To bring another cat into our household would be a CATastrophy.

Even when I bring home laundry from the cat room or don’t change my clothes immediately after visiting the cat room, she will sniff, growl & bristle up.  It’s pretty apparent to me that there is no way I could introduce another kitty as long as Lilly rules.  So you see what I’m saying…

I hope it works out – for Franklin as well as for Tish & Donny.  It would be so heartbreaking for all of them if it doesn’t…But some kitties are meant to be “only kitties”.

Meet Riddick!

Here’s Riddick! He is 7 months old and FULL of energy! Riddick wants to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with you all day long!  He is super sweet & friendly.  He gets along great with all the other kitties & is all about having FUN!  Riddick would be a great addition to any family with young children or other kitties.

Riddick has been neutered, has all of his vaccinations up to date and tested negative for FeLeuk & FIV.

Riddick’s adoption fee is $100.  PLUS, we offer a free veterinarian visit certificate with adoption!  There are many vets on the affiliated vets list all over Buffalo & the surrounding suburbs – your vet is probably on the list!

All Cats and kittens adopted from Ten Lives Club receive:

  • Physical exam by our shelter vet (30-day health guarantee)
  • Spay/neutering
  • Feline Leukemia and FIV testing
  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Ear Mite treatment
  • First distemper and rabies vaccinations (kittens if old enough)
  • Medical Background Sheet listing all treatments/vaccines/health evaluation by our shelter vet
  • Free Veterinarian Visit Certificate to any affiliated Veterinarian in the Buffalo, New York area ($40 Value!)

Stop in & visit Riddick at Pet Supplies “Plus” in East Amherst! 

We are located at 9630 Transit Road, E. Amherst, NY.

For more information about adopting a kitty from Ten Lives Club, visit our Adopt A Kitty page.

To set up a Meet & Greet with Riddick, submit the form below.   You will be contacted right away to schedule a day & time to visit Riddick outside of his cage in our enclosed cat room!

Meet Sweet Miss Mary!

This sweet little girl has already been through so much in her short life!  Miss Mary is approximately 1- 1/2 years old and very recently had a litter of kittens.  Apparently, her previous “owner” couldn’t be bothered to get her spayed before she got pregnant.  So when she did have her litter, they boxed Miss Mary and her babies up in a cardboard box and left them outside of a vet’s clinic in the cold.  Who knows how long they were sitting outside before being discovered!

Luckily, she and her babies were rescued before succumbing to the extreme temperatures.  Our area has had single digit cold & wind chills below zero for almost two months straight.

Miss Mary & her kittens were fostered by volunteers from Operation PETS until her kittens were weaned.  Operation PETS turned them over to Ten Lives Club so they could all find their forever homes.

Miss Mary came to our location on Monday along with Gus & Andy.  She is a sweet, beautiful black and white domestic short hair kitty.

Normally, her adoption fee would be $75, but during the month of February we are running a Valentine Adoption Special so her adoption fee is only $14 through the end of this month!

Miss Mary has been spayed, has all of her vaccinations up to date and tested negative for FeLeuk & FIV.  PLUS, we offer a free veterinarian visit certificate with adoption!  There are many vets on the affiliated vets list all over Buffalo & the surrounding suburbs – your vet is probably on the list.

Stop in & visit Miss Mary at Pet Supplies “Plus” in East Amherst.
We are located at 9630 Transit Road, E. Amherst, NY.

For more information about adopting a kitty from Ten Lives Club, visit our Adopt A Kitty page.

To set up a Meet & Greet with Miss Mary, submit the form below & you will be contacted right away!

Cats Dumped In The Cold – Ten Lives Club Rescues!

Emery Park “Aristo” Cats

Around 2:30pm this past Thursday, January 30, a woman was in Emery Park walking her two dogs when she saw a dark colored SUV pull up close to the woods.  As she watched, the hatch opened and someone got back into the vehicle on the passenger side.  The SUV quickly drove away.  As she walked closer to where she had seen the vehicle pull over, she saw 6 cats sitting in the snow – scared, shaking with cold and confused.  One of the cats, a black kitty, was so frightened it quickly ran into the woods.

The woman called 911 who referred her to the SPCA.  The line was busy at the SPCA.  As she was desperately trying to get help for the cats, two people happened to drive by and began to help rescue the five kitties remaining.  They managed to get them loaded into their car and tried searching for the other cat who hid in the woods without success.  One of them knew a volunteer at Ten Lives Club and called our shelter explaining the urgent situation.

All five kitties were taken to our shelter in Hamburg, New York where they were thoroughly examined.  Thankfully, all of them were healthy and appeared to have been well fed and living recently in a home. The Ten Lives Club shelter vet will alter them, vaccinate, etc. to prepare them for adoption into loving forever homes.

Without the quick response and kindness of these people, five beautiful, healthy cats were saved from certain death.  The recent temperatures in our area have been in the single digits with wind chills of -25.  How long can a cat or dog – especially those who are used to living inside – survive in those conditions?  No shelter, no food or water, no way to keep from freezing to death.  A horrible and cruel way to die.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this unspeakable act of cruelty could not be identified.  The first witness was too far away to read the license plate number of the vehicle before it sped away.  At least she was able to get a description of the SUV and hopefully these criminals will be brought to justice.

In the meantime, the kitties – who were named after characters from the Disney movie “The Aristocats” – are in the loving care of Ten Lives Club. Their names are Duchess, Marie, Scat Cat, Tilou and Thomas O’Malley!

They will be available for adoption at our main shelter in Hamburg, New York by Friday, February 7.   They will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for FIV & FeLuek, treated for fleas/worms and thoroughly examined by our shelter vet.  All adoptions also include a certificate for a free vet visit within 10 days of adoption from an extensive list of veterinarians in Buffalo and surrounding suburbs.

But to prepare the cats for adoption and care for them until they find their forever homes will be costly for Ten Lives Club – at least $1,000 or more.

If you can make a kind donation in any amount, please CLICK HERE!

Adam Found His Forever Home!

Adam’s Meet & Greet went very well – which I pretty much already knew!  Ann, his new Pur-Mom, is a sweetheart & will dote on him endlessly!  She has 2 other kitties – 1 is 17 & has a lot of medical issues which she is diligent about managing (excellent recommendation from her vet!) & a 2 year old boy who really wants a playmate.

When we met to finalize Adam’s adoption, we spent a good hour+ visiting & playing with Adam before she took him home.  We also did some shopping for him before checking out.  She wanted to make sure he had all of his favorite toys and everything else he would need before bringing him into his new home.

Adam will be pampered and spoiled in his new forever home – as it should be!  Enjoy your forever home & Pur-Mom Ann, sweet boy!  You deserve the best!

All of our love goes with you little man & we are truly grateful you found such a wonderful forever home!

Adam Had a Meet & Greet This Evening!

Mr. Busy Boy Adam has had many admirers since he came to us 2 weeks ago.  Tonight Adam & I met with a very sweet lady who has 2 other black kitties – 1 who is 17 and the other is 2 and needs a playmate!  We all spent almost 2 hours visiting, playing with the kitties and giving Ann a chance to visit with Adam (when he would slow down long enough!). 

One of the many things I love about working with the kitties is the opportunity to meet so many interesting and caring people.  (There’s also the downside – dealing with demanding or stupid people, but that’s another post – HA!)

Obviously, I vet every potential adopter thoroughly, but spending time with them & watching how they interact with the kitties and how the kitties interact with the visitor tells me a lot about the potential adopter.  It also gives me a lot of insight and background on someone that tells me so much more than something written on a piece of paper.  There’s a lot to said about face time…

I don’t take my responsibility lightly.  I trust my instincts to a large degree.  They’ve rarely let me down.  If you’ve ever had a meet & greet with me & one of our kitties  – I think you’ll understand what I’m saying.  Every word you say, every piece of the conversation does not go unnoticed.  I can read people like a book.  And I can tell whether a kitty has chosen their forever Purr-Parent or not.  Usually within the first ten minutes – or less…

Adam (who will have a new name that is much more appropriate!) has found his Purr-Mom in Ann.  She is a sweet, caring soul who understands his needs & special situation.  I have no doubt that after verifying and following the adoption protocols, he has found his forever home.

Adam Adoption update to follow! 

Sweet boy, I would never let you down!

Meet Adam Kitty!

Adam came to our location last week.  He is 4 months old and has a silky, coal-black coat & big gold eyes!  He was fostered from the time he was born to a feral mama cat.  If feral kittens are rescued at a very young age – less than 7-8 weeks old, they can be socialized and find forever homes.

Adam is a sweetie & loves to play!  But he is a little skiddish still & can get startled sometimes at quick movements or sudden noises.  But that can happen with any kitty!  We are working with him to make sure he continues making progress socializing with people and other kitties.  He’s such a special little guy!

Adam & Mr. B enjoyed playing & were fostered over Christmas together with one of our volunteers.  She has 2 other kitties & 2 children so it gave him an opportunity to be around a lot of activity & get a lot of extra attention!  He is back at the store now & ready to find his forever home!

Adam’s adoption fee during the month of December is only $75 (Reg. $100)!

PLUS, we offer a free veterinarian visit certificate with adoption (a $40 value)!  There are many vets on the affiliated vets list all over Buffalo & the surrounding suburbs – your vet is probably on the list!  We provide you with every kitties shelter medical record to take with you on the first vet visit so your vet will have the most recent medical history.

Adam has been examined by our Ten Lives Club shelter vet, neutered, treated for fleas, ear mites & worms, has all of his vaccinations up to date and tested negative for FeLeuk & FIV.

Stop in & visit Adam at Pet Supplies “Plus” in East Amherst, New York!

We are located at 9630 Transit Road, E. Amherst, NY.

For more information or questions about our adoption process, visit our Adopt A Kitty  page & fill out our contact form.

To adopt Adam, download our Adoption Application and e-mail the completed form to:

Valerie at lillyfae2-at-gmail-dot-com

Danika Kitty Found Her Forever Home – November 11

This adoption update is at least only a couple of weeks late – LOL!  Danika found her forever home about 2 weeks ago with a sweet family who has a little girl about 3 – 4 years old.  They were looking for a playful, sweet-natured kitty for their daughter to play with and cuddle.  Danika is just that – loves to be held, petted and even though she’s still a kitten at 6 months old, isn’t so high energy she’s too busy to be cuddled & loved.

Danika came to us at the same time as Turbo, along with 3 other kittens who were all between 3-4 months old.  More about that here.  She had been fostered for about 3 months with one of our sweet volunteers while getting over a kitty cold & an eye infection.  By the time Anna brought her back, I didn’t even recognize her!  She was as big as the adult kitties we had at the time & absolutely gorgeous~!

I really admire those who can foster kitties – especially for a long period of time – and give them back to be adopted.  I just couldn’t do it!  I couldn’t bring myself to give them up – I know that for a fact (even if my situation permitted – which it doesn’t).  It takes a will power that I just do not possess.  I’ve repeatedly thanked Anna for taking in our fosters and told her how hard it must be to take care of them & have them in her home only to give them back when they are ready for adoption.  She admitted to me that with Danika, she had a very hard time with that & had cried the day she brought her back to the cat room on her morning shift.  I can see why!  She’d taken care of her for almost 3 months – who wouldn’t get attached & fall in love?  Especially with such a sweet, beautiful doll as Danika!

Anna brought her back to us around the 3rd week in October.  She had many admirers – of course, but when Krystina contacted me about 3 weeks after Danika returned, everything seemed to come together quickly.  We met at the store so the whole family could visit with Danika outside of her cage – a “meet & greet”.  She had already submitted all of the pre-adoption information & all was verified/approved prior to our meeting.  Laura kitty was still with us at the time & her daughter seemed more interested in playing with her at first.  Not to mention, Laura’s adoption would be finalized 2 days later – she was already spoken for.

Krystina’s daughter and Danika connected after a bit – young kids are easily distracted by too much going on at the same time and Laura was putting on a show.   So it was easy to see how she would be more entertaining at the moment while Danika was being her usual self – playful & sweet but not zooming around the room with a glitter ball in her mouth!  After a while, her daughter decided she wanted Danika to be her cuddle bug and playmate. Which is exactly what Danika is – a lovey, sweet cuddle bug who will snuggle and be happy to sleep beside her at night but also lots of fun to play with during the day!

We’re all so happy for you sweet girl Danika!  Enjoy your new family and forever home! You will be loved and an “only kitty” getting all the attention you deserve baby girl!  All our love goes with you!

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